A private “foodie” experience at a secret location celebrating contemporary, curious and serious eating, without taking itself too seriously, cooked with a sense of adventure by chefs with a passion for feeding people.

A multi-course tasting menu for your private booking of up to 10 diners, with an unwavering focus on the food and the diner.

Fine dining it ain’t! No pomp and circumstance, no linen, no overpriced wine (BYO), nor even any waiters.  No frills, elbows on the table time and the most unique, laid back eating out experience in the area, cooked by 2 blokes with a pan! (Or six!)

Example Set Menu:

Sourdough, candle light
Mackerel, herbs, smoke
Hearts, horseradish, rosemary
Fig, chilli, pasta
Beef, cherries, feta
Goats’ cheese, Armagnac, date
Chocolate, ketchup, chilli