Burgers & Sliders

we only use high quality beef sourced direct from local farmers, ground to our specification and handmade by us in the new york “pure” tradition of steak, salt & pepper, nothing more

The Reuben

our most popular “best i’ve ever eaten” burger inspired by nyc and made in the “pure” style with three cuts of local willowbrook dry-aged beef
served in a brioche roll with Russian dressing, “swiss”, sauerkraut, dill pickles, american mustard & pastrami

Pop My Cherry

for the more adventurous, our signature “pure” handmade burger of willowbrook beef served on a brioche roll with pickled cherries, scorched onion petals, feta & cherry jam, rocket & nam pla

What The D*ck

local duck breast minced with our in-house “duck spice” & shallots
served on a hambleton “manchet” roll with gruyere cheese, beetroot slices & orange & earl grey relish

Phat Pig

pulled pork, lincolnshire sausage & candied streaky bacon with apple ketchup, comte cheese, mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion & dill pickle in a brioche bun

The Dude

the ultimate “pure” burger made with willowbrook fillet steak, blade & bone marrow, truffle oil, parmesan crisp & rocket on a Hambleton “manchet” roll

The Bombay

spiced lamb, roasted green chilli yoghurt & spiced caramelised onions on a seeded burger bun

Siam Feast

a lamb & lime leaf burger with south east asian spices with a red onion & pepper sambal, served with peanut butter, coriander & a cooling yoghurt on a bun of your choice

The Burg

bulgur, walnuts & cumin with a lemon mayo served with fresh tomato & rocket on a brioche roll

The Halloumi

halloumi, courgette, spring onions, balsamic onions, lemon & herbs served with avocado on a brioche roll

The Cajun (vegan)

black bean with cumin, chilli & garlic, pickled red onion, dairy-free slaw & rocket in a ciabatta bun