Looking for authentic street food for your party, festival, fete, event, club or pub?  Our chefs have travelled the world eating and cooking the real McCoy.

Our New York style burgers regularly get called “best ever”.  Our “Reuben” for example is handmade by us from three cuts of local beef, salt and pepper, before we load it with “Swiss”, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, pickles, American mustard and pastrami.

Sound good?  Well check out “What the D*ck”, “Pop my Cherry” and “The Dude”.

We’re also excited to offer Stamford’s most authentic and much loved “Macho Burrito” in conjunction with our Mexican trained burrito queen, Claire Morgan.

Or how about “Aussie Avo” from Melbourne, or our West Indian inspired “Get your Goat, You’ve Pulled”, a “Cubano Beach”, Vietnamese summer rolls or Cambodian Num Pang.

Whatever your favourite street food is, let us recreate it for your event.

For burgers and sliders please see our separate menu.

“Macho Burrito” Chipotle shredded chicken, zesty pico de gallo, fresh guacamole and jalapeno in a soft flour tortilla.

“Cubano Beach” Sweet ham, porchetta, “swiss” pickles and our sour orange mojo sauce in a pressed pannini.

“Get you Goat you’ve Pulled” A scotch bonnet infused West Indian goat curry with coconut slaw and coriander. Not for wimps…

“The Old Spot” Gloucester Old Spot sausage with spiced apple ketchup. Great for bonfire night.

“Vietnamese Summer Prawn” Rice paper wrap, king prawns, fresh herbs, crisp salad, peanut and sweet chilli sauces.

“Cambodian Num Pang” Baguette, king prawns, sriracha mayo, red pepper, spring onions, Thai basil, lemongrass, pickled carrot, fresh cucumber and coriander.

The B.M.C.C.B.L.T (Ultimate Club) Roast chicken, bacon, scorched jalapeno mayo, pico de lettuce, tomato and BMC spiced crisps in 3 slices of toasted Hambleton sourdough.

“The Corker Joe” A spiced Sloppy Joe beef filled hotdog roll topped with Corkers crisps.