Looking for authentic street food for your party, festival, fete, event, club or pub?  Our chefs have travelled the world eating and cooking the real McCoy.

Our New York style burgers regularly get called “best ever”.  Our “Reuben” for example is handmade by us from three cuts of local beef, salt and pepper, before we load it with “Swiss”, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, pickles, American mustard and pastrami.

Sound good?  Then “What the D*ck”, “Pop my Cherry” and “The Dude” might be just the sort of catering you’re looking for.

We’re also excited to offer Stamford and Peterborough’s most authentic burrito in conjunction with our Mexican and South American cuisine-trained chef, Claire.

Whatever your favourite street food is, let us recreate it for your event. It’s supposed to be fun! Get in touch…