Last Chance Macho Burrito

We will be sorry to say goodbye to Claire at the end of the week as she heads off to Ecuador.  But before she goes, she will busy on Thursday & Friday offering you a last chance to grab the legendary Macho Burrito.  Come and say bye and taste her hallmark streetfood.

Christmas Holidays

We will be open as normal up to and including Friday 23rd December.

We reopen following the festive holidays on Tuesday 3rd January at 10.30am

Thank you for your support throughout 2016 it is greatly appreciated. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy 2017.

No. 8 in Great Food Club Top 100

Thank you members of The Great Food Club who have voted for Bread Meat Cheese in their top 100 – we currently sit at number 8 among some very high profile restaurants.

Our latest reviewer posted:

A Real Sandwich

I spotted this fantastic sandwich shop and tried one with brown shrimps – AMAZING!! What a knowledgeable guy – each sandwich has a name and a story behind it from his travels around the world, plus the produce is a local as you can get. I am definitely going there again – now I’ve tasted these, why would I want a vacuumed packed high street brand ever again?! 10/10

Christmas Hampers – A True Taste of Stamford

The good folk of Stamford love to support local bakers, farmers and cheesemakers, so what better way to celebrate this Christmas than with all the best our local artisan food producers can offer?

Lovingly sourced and brought together by Stamford’s own “destination” lunchtime food spot.

Orders and full payment of £45.00 required by Saturday 3rd December for collections from 17th December.


A Taste of Stamford

Lincolnshire Poacher: An award winning Cheddar like cheese from Simon Jones’ own herd of 230 Holstein Friesian cows.

Smoked Poacher: A hand-smoked in oak, very Christmassy version of the original.

Cote Hill Blue: Officially one of the best cheeses in the world, soft and creamy, made by Mary Davenport.

Colston Bassett Stilton or Cote Hill Yellow: Colston Bassett is one of the smallest dairies in the UK and unlike most cheesemakers still hand-ladle in the traditional manner.  A great “Stilton”.  Cote Hill Yellow is a soft, creamy, mellow flavoured cheese in a distinctive yellow wax and made by Mary Davenport.

Modens Plum Bread: Locally renowned, individually hand-baked since 1936 and award winning lightly spiced fruit loaf – fantastic with blue cheese.

The Bytham Kitchen Piccalilli: Handmade by Andy Heaps; this is his personal favourite, not too sweet and with a little kick.

The Bytham Kitchen Caramelised Red Onion Chutney: Also handmade by Andy Heaps, we think it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Poacher.

Rutland Charcuterie Bresaola, Coppa & Noix Jambon: A tasting board of the area’s finest air dried meats from Nick Brake, Head Charcutier.


Our cheeses are cut by hand to a weight of between 200-250grams with the exception of the Cote Hill Blue which weighs between 300-350grams.

Due to the small scale production of our foodstuffs we reserve the right to alter the contents of each hamper in line with availability.

Saturday Brunch Menu

We all rush around Monday to Friday, so why not take time out to enjoy a leisurely Saturday brunch in Stamford.  Our new menu can be found here – just keep scrolling down as our menu seems to have put on weight!

Perhaps Skinny Eggs Benedict or Roasted Tomato and Creamed Feta Toast . . .

Better still, add a coffee of your choice for just £1.


“Destination” Sandwich Bar

We were recently visited and reviewed by one of the Great Food Club’s Editors, Robin Stewart.  “To be quite honest I was tempted to just copy and paste the whole menu and let it speak for itself. But of course making something sound nice on paper is the easy bit. However, this Stamford sandwich bar is a little bit special and while we don’t usually consider such places a ‘destination’ in the way we do restaurants and some pubs, I would like to suggest that this is indeed a ‘destination’ sandwich bar.”

For the whole story, read the review

National Chocolate Day

Thursday 7th July is National Chocolate Day and to celebrate, our first 20 sandwich buying customers will get a free brownie of their choice, from Kate’s Little Cakes.

Sandwich named after customer

Our Stamford street-food inspired sandwich shop has rewarded one of our most regular customers by naming a special sandwich after him.

Co-owner Jim Davis explained: “Rich Beach has been coming in to our shop since we opened either just for lunch or bringing in clients of his media company.  He’s also very keen to try something new, so we invented our take on a Cuban Sandwich, sweet ham, porchetta, Swiss cheese, pickles & our sour orange mojo sauce on toasted panini roll, and in honour of Rich, named it “The Cubano Beach”.

“I think I was probably one of the first customers through the door when Jim opened Bread Meat Cheese,” said Stamford film-maker Rich Beach of Beach Media. “I’d seen the New Yorker on the menu, they had named it “What’s Your Beef?” and realised these guys were sandwich connoisseurs like me!

“And once I started bringing in film crews and visiting almost daily, they obviously got the measure of my tastes.  And now this: they’ve designed and named a sandwich for me!  And it’s amazing!  Forget bucket lists.  I can die a happy man right now!”

The Macho Burrito

We are pleased to welcome on board Claire from @MachoBurrito – having spent the last couple of weeks presenting our sandwiches, we thought it only right that our resident expert in Mexican cuisine gets to present some of her specialities.  So from Monday 6th June come and try The Macho Burrito: chipotle marinated shredded chicken served with zesty pico de gallo, fresh guacamole & refried beans all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.


Fresh, Local Asparagus

Our first delivery of local asparagus is due this Thursday.  Grown just five miles from our Stamford shop door, our Tallington asparagus will be on the menu to offer sustenance of course, but were you aware of its benefits to body and mind?

Asparagus contains large amounts of vitamin A, C, E and K as well as the difficult to get chromium, a mineral that helps the ability of the body’s insulin to transport glucose from bloodstream to cells.  Chromium is a commonly used as a supplement for those suffering blood sugar highs and lows that result in mood swings.

Asparagus also provides folic acid, a B vitamin.  It’s also great for your gut; it has a fibre that reduces intestinal disorders linked with anxiety and depression.

Make the most of the asparagus season, it’s good for you!